Adaptive Classes

Adaptive fitness, sports and gymnastics classes are designed for individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. The goal of these classes is to provide an inclusive and supportive environment where athletes can improve their strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and overall well-being.

*The monthly price is modified accordingly when a month contains five weeks

Adaptive Group Fitness

Adaptive Group Fitness classes teach physical activity principles according to abilities across physical, cognitive and adaptive levels of functioning. Groups of up to 8-10 athletes will work with 1 instructor.

Fee: $104
Adaptive Basketball Classes for adults

Adaptive Basketball

Adaptive Basketball for Teens & Adults with adaptive needs. Athletes work on fundamental basketball skills – dribbling with one hand, alternating-hand dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, rebounding, foot movement, small scrimmages, strategy, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Fee: $88

Adaptive Gymnastics

This group class is exclusively for children ages 3 – 10, with a developmental disorder or other adaptive needs. An adult is required to accompany each athlete enrolled. Adult support is to facilitate their athlete's acclimation to the class and to provide functional/behavioral support throughout the class.

Fee: $120

Adaptive Volleyball

Adaptive Volleyball for Teens & Adults with adaptive needs. Classes teach the fundamentals of volleyball skills, game strategies, conditioning, and incorporates short-sided games. Athletes will practice serving, passing, setting, blocking, and rotating through various positions. This class promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and socialization

Fee: $88

Private: Functional Fitness

The Adaptive Athlete’s Functional Fitness class is designed to increase the body’s ability to perform everyday tasks such as, walking, squatting, carrying items, holding odd objects, and being aware of your body in space. By rebuilding or maintaining a strong core, lifting odd objects, and resistance training, Functional Fitness will help make every day activities easier and sustainable for a greater period of time.

Adaptive Dance

This 45-minute adaptive dance class is designed to provide a fun and inclusive experience for individuals of all abilities. Our expert dance instructor will guide you through a variety of dance styles and techniques that will get you moving and grooving to the beat of the music. Some of the fun dances you'll learn in this class include popular line dances, hip-hop moves, Tik Tok dances, and more.

Fee: $88