Fitness Classes

A dynamic and structured workout experience for individuals of all fitness levels.  With a supportive and inclusive community, our classes are more than just a workout they’re a fun and energizing social experience that will keep you motivated and inspired to reach your fitness goals.

*The monthly price is modified accordingly when a month contains five weeks.

Circuit Training Bootcamp

Circuit Training classes are performed in a group setting to target weight control, proficient movement Patterns, strength conditioning, endurance, balance, coordination, Mobility, injury prevention, performance enhancement, and functional fitness.

Fee: $130 Unlimited

Personal Training

Private sessions for personal training are great for rehabilitating an injury, individualized injury prevention, spots performance, enhancement, sport-specific training, weightloss, correct exercise, and more!

Pre-Teens Fitness

Pre-teens participate in group fitness classes. targeting fitness, fun & social skills. Our Pre-teens work through circuits to facilitate strength, endurance, balance, coordination, mobility, sensory, optimal movement patterns, agility, sportsmanship, game strategy & MORE!

Fee: $68