Annual Membership, Billing, and Payments

Our annual membership fee is $30.

We follow a perpetual enrollment system, which implies that your child’s place in the class will be reserved automatically once we receive your monthly tuition payment on time.

At The adaptive Athlete, all tuition payments are set up for automatic billing. When you register for a class, you will be prompted to provide either your bank account information for electronic check transfers or your credit card details for automatic credit card billing.Your payment will be automatically charged on the 25th of the prior month of service. For example; March tuition will be processed on February 25th.


1 pea-$68

2 pea-$68

3 pea- $96

4/5 pea- $108

60 Min Gymnastics (Level 1 & 2)- $112

Mini Ninja (45 Min)- $100

Ninja (60 Min)- $120

45 Min Adaptive Gymnastics-$120


Adaptive Basketball -$88

Adaptive Volleyball -$88

Adaptive Dance – $88

Volleyball Skills -$124

Basketball $100

Pre-K Camp-$45 per day

Day Camp -$55 per day


60 Min Adaptive Group-$104

Pre Teen Fitness-$80

Independent Living Skills       

$200 per day

Assessment $150